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Sardine is a small fish in size compared with other fish such as tuna and salmon. This is why sardine is a good option to be produced as canned product. Indonesia itself is one of the largest sardine producers with various canned sardines style available sold in the market. Canned sardines manufacturers Indonesia sold their product worldwide for many countries including America, Australia, Europe countries, and other Asia countries. This is proof that Indonesia sardine suppliers are good choose when you look for sardine suppliers.

There are manufacturers that using machine to produce the canned sardine, although there are still some suppliers processes the sardine manually by hands. Canned sardines have been known since long ago till now. Maybe some people think that sardine is a really fishy fish compared with other oily fish, however sardine is a small fish that can be enjoyed because it has fine taste and soft texture. Here is some info regarding how the suppliers manage to produce canned sardines in Indonesia.
Canned sardines manufacturers Indonesia
Trying to look for canned sardines manufacturers Indonesia that deliver nice quality of sardine fish? There are many factories that produce and deliver sardine in cans. The process of making sardine into meat in the can is not that simple. Sardine appears in little cans on the grocery stores or market’s shelves where most of other canned fish product being sold.
If you wonder how this tiny fish got into those cans then you may need to read how sardine processing occur in Indonesia. Here are the processing steps from the cannery to the shelf:
Entering the facilities
Fortunately, sardine is a small fish with abundant stock thus there is no worry with overfishing problem. Sardine is a little fishier than other fish, but that’s not a huge deal because sardine offers nice fishy smell with soft texture and very tasty flavor.
Usually after the sardine is caught, they are immediately frozen in ice box or refrigerator. In other words, they are being pre frozen at the sea. The sardine and the packaged properly and delivered to the facilities where the inspector will check each fish during unload. The personnel will inspect the condition of each sardine before they are going to the next process. Bad fish will not be accepted to the next step and the frozen fish will be thawed under certain conditions.
Continued processing
In this process, there are many steps are happen to make the raw sardine fish edible for consumers. The fish will be cleaned by removing the gut before they enter the pre cooking machine. The fish is cook with set of time and temperature. And after that, they are handled to be cleaned once more. The machine will receive the sardine fish to remove the head, tail, and other remaining residues. The cans are cleaned and sanitized before being filled with the sardine and liquid.
The prepared sardine head to the conveyor belt to be placed in the clean cans. The workers will count out the correct number of sardine per can and then fill them by hand or manually. The filled can will be run on conveyor belt head to exhaust box which steam cook them while also remove the excess oil.
The final stage
Some of the canned sardine is smoked while others are going to other conveyor belt to receive additional flavors and ingredients. This is called the packing styles. The canned sardines come in various styles including sardine in tomato sauce, sardine in oils, and many more.
After that, additional machines will vacuum sealed the cans and place lids on them. The cans are sterilized in this process to remove the harmful bacteria. This is called pressure cooking stage. When the cans out and cooled down, machines will apply labels with some information about the product including the packaging styles, weight, codes, identification labels, etc.
And inspector will come to see and check the condition of the canned sardines. It is such an important canned sardines manufacturers Indonesia process since the selected personnel will determine whether the sardine is edible, safe, and ready to be sold in the market. However, the inspector will not inspect each can instead they will select few samples and check for any damages that might occur before the cans are shipped to many stores.
Why you should eat sardine in cans?
This humble little fish surprisingly offer many benefits for the consumers. They are very nutritious and healthy to be eaten. The most important point of why you should eat sardine is because it contains lower mercury compared with other bigger predatory fish such as tuna and salmon. Yes, the sardine is really small in mercury level because they are one of the lowest rank fish in the oceanic chain.
Sardine is also full of protein, this protein provide us with amino acids. Human body uses the acid to produce new protein which is the foundation of our body cells. Protein is also important to build muscle and to improve antibody as known as immune system. Moreover, protein helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen thorough the body as well.
Why canned sardines made in Indonesia?
Why you need to order and buy from Indonesia sardine suppliers? Well, it is because they produce the canned sardine in such nicely process to ensure the safety of their product. They are also offer high standards when produce the sardine. Furthermore, Indonesia using sustainable methods when catch the sardine which will not harm other ocean animals including overall environment.
It is so easy to look for trusted canned sardines manufacturers. Some points you can do when you want to look for Indonesian canned sardine suppliers are:
-          Buy from the first hand to get cheaper canned sardine prices
-          See whether you can find canned sardine from Indonesia online
-          Ask for discounted prices when you buying bulk
-          Ask how they manage the canned sardine including the delivery process
-          Ask their overall track records with other customers.
Contact canned sardines manufacturers Indonesia for more information regarding sardine products and the market price as soon as you want to order sardine in can.

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