Canned Sardines Manufacturers in Morocco

Canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco has exported their product worldwide for years. Morocco is the largest canned sardine exporters in the world and they also the leading sardine supplier in the Europe area. Sardine fish represent about more than 50 percents of Moroccan fish catch and they also used it largely for their domestic canning industry. Each year, they can process around 600,000 tons of fresh sardine fish to be sold in the global market.
Canned sardine in Morocco can be cooked into various styles. The most popular sardine recipes including sardine balls in spicy tomato sauces and fried stuffed sardines. Moroccan also provides very strict quality control and standard for each of the canned sardine manufacturing process to ensure the quality of their products. Learn more information regarding the best canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco below.

Canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco
Most of canned Mediterranean sardines found in the market particularly US market comes from Morocco suppliers. Many of the canned sardines are packed in vegetable oils, but other seasonings are available as well.
If you do not know yet, most of the raw material fish is processed with two different methods which are the Norwegian method and Mediterranean method. With the Norwegian way, the sardine fish is caught and held alive till their guts are empty, after that the fish is smoked before beheaded. Meanwhile, with the Mediterranean method just directly gutting and beheading the fish.
After that, the fish meat is brined to ensure the freshness of the sardines and then packed in the clean can. The can will be steamed and then drained. Liquid will be added to the cans such as oils, sauces, water, brine, and many more. Once they are filled, the cans will be sealed and heated with pressurized retort. When the cans are cleaned once again, they are packaged and delivered worldwide. Before that, the cans are mostly stored into some clean storage to make the flavor develop before being shipped to various markets.
As one of the largest canned sardine producers, Morocco has their own way in produce the best and high quality canned fish. Canned sardines manufactures in Morocco used modern technology when processing the raw sardines. They provide high quality lines in order to produce sardine in can from freezing machine and method to the delivery process. Most of their products are sold worldwide to various markets, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, catering, and so on.
Guide to buy canned sardines from Morocco
There are many varieties of Morocco sardines including their brands that produced by certain canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco. Millions of sardines are canned each year and they are packed in water, oils, brine, and other additional seasonings to add the flavor including tomato sauce and mustard sauce with or without hot chills.
Sardines can be found thorough ocean and the sea in the world; they are varying in types and taste. For example, sardine that are caught from Mediterranean have different taste compared with Baltic sardines fish. However, when select the best canned sardine suppliers in Morocco you need to make sure they are come from good manufacturers that source their sardine fish from good place as well.
Most of the sardines are frozen before being processed in the facilities. Some people might in doubt buying sardines from Morocco because they are not be able to tell where the factory sourced their raw material and how they processed it till they are ready to be marketed worldwide. This is why, it is always important to track the record of their manufacturers before you order from them.
But, since Morocco is the leading canned sardine manufacturers that sold many products in a great number of amounts in European market, you can say they have high quality and standard in producing their canned sardines. European market has strict terms and conditions when it comes with imported canned seafood product. Below are several methods that might be used to produce the canned sardines. You can also use this information as reference to select the best canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco that suitable with your taste.
Methods of the processing
1.      The freshness
Most of the canned sardine manufacturers in the world are usually frozen their sardine before they are processed into canned seafood product. It might be impossible to tell which of the Moroccan manufacturers froze their fish before canning only by check the label. However, you may be able to guess it by looking on the appearance of the sardine fish in the cans; if the sardines are not intact within the tin then they are likely frozen before canning.
2.      Smoked/ un-smoked canning process
There are smoked and un-smoked canned sardines. The different is certainty obvious and usually the manufacturers provide some information about it. But, you need to make sure that they are naturally smoked. There are manufacturers that will use liquid smoked before canning process. This liquid smoke may taste fine for other products; however it may changes the texture of the canned fish in the process as well as other ways.
3.      The type of the oils used in the can
Liquid like oils will be added to the can of sardines, of course there are also other options such as water and brine, but both of the taste does not as good as sardines in oil. Lighter oils tend to be better than heavier oils such as soybean oils since most of them will not hold the flavor perfectly.
4.      Minimal process of the sardines
Sardine fish is mostly small in size and thus they have minimal canning process. They are sorted and then beheaded before canning, that’s it. Unlike other bigger fish such as salmon and tuna, the more the sardines are processed and being handled then worst the quality of the sardine fish. Some of the manufacturers can do bad sorting process by size and quality.
In conclusion, when you are looking for canned sardines manufacturers in Morocco, you need to be able to tell how the handle and process their canned sardines. They need to minimally handle the fish, sorted rightly, and packed tightly.

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