How to select canned sardines suppliers?

Canned sardines suppliers offer various products of sardines in can packaged in many styles including canned in oils, brine, water, and other seasonings to bring more flavor. Sardine is a small fish and suitable best for canned seafood product. This sardine is mostly processed using machine in facilities from cleaning to cooking and from packaging to delivery.
Sardine is one of the top seafood products in fish industry beside tuna, mackerel, salmon, etc. Most of sardine suppliers come from Asian countries including Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, etc. It is might be confuse you how to choose the best canned sardines suppliers. But do not worry because you can determine ‘which is the best sardine supplier’ with three important points.

How to select canned sardines suppliers?
1.      Find sardines suppliers which already run for a long time
Looking for trusted sardine supplier might be hard if you do not know their history. That’s why; you better look for a supplier which already runs their manufacturers for a long time. This will give you enough resource to research their track record. You can find most of the testimonies via online website, from forums, etc. If you have some recommendation from close person then you still need to do additional research to make sure that you really get a good supplier.
2.      Find sardines suppliers that tell you where they sourced their sardines
When you already listed potential trusted canned sardines suppliers and perhaps you find not just one but several suppliers from different countries, you need to ask them some specific questions. That’s including the sustainability meaning that the factory need to have sustainable and eco friendly sardine caught method which not harms other oceanic animals or overall environment. Moreover, you also need to get a factory that sourced a good, safe, and healthy sardine fish that edible to be consumed.
3.      Find sardines suppliers that can deliver you a high quality product with discounted price and whether they able to ship outside of the country
So, sardines are already cheaper compared with other canned fish like tuna or salmon. However, there is no wrong to get discounted price especially if you want to buy in bulk order. More important point is that whether they able to ship to other countries. This is particularly if the buyers are importers since there are lots of terms and conditions required by the exporters so they can deliver the canned sardines outside of their countries.
Why you need to choose canned sardines suppliers from Indonesia?
We recommend you to order from Indonesian canned sardines suppliers because they offer good quality canned sardine product guarantee to be safe and edible. Indonesia is one of the largest sardine producer countries and sardine stock in there is really abundant. Sardine is also a popular product in Indonesia especially in the form of canned seafood.
Indonesian people love sardine because it is a small and healthy fish with soft texture and delicious taste. Canned sardine in Indonesia can be purchased mostly at grocery stores or supermarket. They are placed on the shelf along with other canned seafood product.
If you looking for canned sardine product then you can select sardine suppliers from Indonesia. Why?
1.      All of the canned sardines in Indonesia processed with high quality and international standard methods
Producing superior canned sardines required a standard in all the factory process. Most of the raw sardine, before put into cans, they are all inspected one by one to ensure the quality of the fish. Canned sardines suppliers Indonesia also make sure to select only good raw sardine fish and they are immediately frozen after caught to keep the freshness. They are processed with high technology and cleaned manually to produce a safe and clean sardine. They are also cooked in high temperature steaming and sterilized machine to kill the bacteria that might harm the product.
2.      They are packaged in various styles and come with many different flavors
If you bored with sardine packaging styles in oils, brine, and water, you totally going to love Indonesian style canned sardines. They are available and come with many Indonesia seasonings style which maybe you never try before. If you want to try sardines with Indonesia’ spices, you can always order them from canned sardines suppliers Indonesia.

3.      Sardine from Indonesia is a safe and edible canned product
You do not need to worry with canned sardine from Indonesia. They are all safe and edible to be consumed. When the sardine required for export import transaction, they are made with international standards. Top importer countries such as Europe and America are also order canned sardines from Indonesia. You can tell that Indonesia sardine suppliers really understand the need of high quality sardines for these countries as well as other importer countries.
4.      They are really affordable
If you looking for cheaper alternative of salmon and tuna, you should pick sardine! Sardine is a tiny fish in size and they are mostly sold in affordable price, really suitable for low budget seafood. Sardine is also a simple meal, you can cook the sardine in many ways, added them to your salad or sandwich. If you want to have quick and cheap meal but healthy food, then choose sardine.
5.      They are really healthy
Sardine is one of the healthiest seafood ever, since their size is mostly small compared with other predatory fish like salmon or tuna, the mercury level of sardine is really low. The level of mercury is even lower than tuna and salmon. Sardine is on the low rank of ocean food chain and thus they are mostly less contaminated by mercury than other bigger fish.
Sardines are the safest fish you can have anytime and anywhere. It is recommended to eat 3 to 4 of canned sardines a week. Sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well. It is better to gain omega-3 from the fish directly than supplementing your body with oil fish product. Eating small fish but packed with high omega-3 is good for your body. You can order now by contacting canned sardines suppliers from Indonesia.

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