Exporting and Importing Black Tiger Shrimp Wholesale

The black tiger shrimp wholesale ready to order for those who want to buy large quantity of high quality shrimp. Whole shrimp is completely frozen before being delivered; it is a process to maintain the freshness of the shrimp so they are still in good condition when arriving at your place. The frozen process is used by many shrimp manufactures or suppliers in order to be able to ship the shrimp still in fresh condition while going through long trip. Those who need bulk order black tiger shrimp but cannot get their hands on the fresh and raw shrimp can purchase frozen wholesale shrimp from shrimp suppliers.

Exporting and importing black tiger shrimp wholesale
As black tiger shrimp wholesale exporter, selling the shrimp to other countries is quite challenging and there is some terms and conditions that should be completed before the sellers can ship their product outside of their countries. First, they need to make sure the quality of the shrimp by maintain constant quality control to keep the shrimp free from any contamination. They also need to conduct good storage and shipping management so when the shrimp gets inspected by the importers, their products can pass the conditions. Moreover, there are still many permissions need to be fulfilled before they can export the shrimp to other countries. Not to mention, each destinations have their own regulations or rules which is super tight.
If this is your first time trying to become black tiger shrimp suppliers and you want to export your product to various countries then there are many steps that you should do such as:
1.      If you want to start exporting to top shrimp importer countries like United States then you need to know what kind of rules and requirements to follow from FDA or Food and Drugs Administration. Just download and read the FDA regulatory procedures that apply specifically for seafood like shrimp. They contain how you should storage, handling, and manage the seafood.
2.      Obtain license from health department, you need to contact the department to require information regarding of what you should do to fulfill such requirement so you can get the license to export seafood product. Sometime you also need to attend workshop in seafood handling and such.
3.      You also need to have clean, safe, and good facility to process the shrimp. You could obtain proper storage and delivery equipment while the facilities need to be controlled from time to time so when you get inspected by the department, you can pass it.
Of course you should start to market your shrimp once you open your export business as the best black tiger shrimp wholesale.
How if you want to import black tiger shrimp wholesale?
Now, let’s get to the different view of what you should do when you want to import the shrimp instead export them. First, you need to get importing permission to be able to import the shrimp legally. Never try to buy imported seafood illegally because you will get into trouble. Contact the regulatory to get the permission and once the product arrive safely at your place, they need to get inspected to ensure the safety and the quality of the products.
Looking for black tiger shrimp wholesale sellers who can deliver you great shrimp is another challenge. You can start to search from online index to find shrimp suppliers. You can find trusted exporters and then contact them directly while sending your buyer’s quotation to ask some information regarding prices, shipping cost, available stock, species of the shrimp you need, taxes, discounts, and other terms and conditions.
Buying wholesale shrimp from big suppliers for business to business trade is always better than purchasing from local distributors or retailers since you can get cheaper price before they are raised by the local sellers. Most of the imported seafood product such as black tiger shrimp usually shipped in frozen condition since they need to go through long trip and when they are arrive at your place, they still in good condition despite being frozen for several days already.
Just make sure that you gain information as much as possible before order black tiger shrimp wholesale from the suppliers to ensure that they can be trusted and dependable. Hope this information helps you finding a good wholesale shrimp sellers.

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