How to Store Sardine in Tomato Sauce Canned?

Sardine in tomato sauce canned is one of the most popular factory canned fish products that we love to buy from grocery stores. It already has a wonderful taste of strong tomato flavor and will be nice to consume alone or with other meals. Actually there are many canned sardine products available out there like sardines in oil or sardines in waters; however sardines in tomato sauces have their own fans. Today we would like to give some information about how to store sardines in tomato sauce or oils canned which hopefully help you when keep the opened products.

How long can you keep sardines in tomato sauce canned or sardines in oils?
This question certainty is often asked by many people when they buy sardine in tomato sauce canned product or sardine in oils. Once you already opened the can and there is leftover, you need to store it quickly so it can last longer. Below are several points need to be noted when you want to store the canned sardines as well as any other canned fish products:
-          To answer the question of how long we can keep canned sardines either in sauce or oils then it is depend on the storage conditions. Opened canned fish need to be refrigerated ASAP while the cover should be covered tightly.
-          You can use plastic container or covered glass to keep the canned sardines after opening it. This way will maximize the shelf life of canned fish. And the canned sardine in tomato sauce will last about 3 to 4 days if you refrigerated it.
-          It is okay to use canned sardines pass the expiration date on the package? Usually canned sardines factory product labeled with certain expiration date like ‘Best If Used By’, ‘Best By’, ‘Best When Used By’, ‘Best Before’, etc.; however they are not a safety date, instead it is factory estimation about how long the canned fish will remain at the best quality or condition. So the answer is yes, you can use the canned fish after the expiration date as long as the cans have been stored properly in the right way and there is no damage in the package or can, plus you did not found any signs of spoilage.
-          To extend the life of opened canned sardine, it is better to freeze them as well. To freeze it you need to put the canned sardine inside heavy-duty freezer bags or covered airtight containers. When you freeze the sardines, usually the meats will be softer and thawing. The thawed sardines are best to be used in cooked meals like soups, sauces, and casseroles.
-          If you properly stored sardine in tomato sauce canned or sardines in oils then they can last about 3 months still in the best condition, however it remains safe after the time. This is only if you manage to keep the best quality only sardines that constantly frozen at 0° Fahrenheit.
-          Sardines will last about 3 to 4 days after being thawed and frozen, but you need to keep them again in the refrigerator when you are not using the fish while canned sardines which are being thawed with cold water or microwave need to be used ASAP.   
-          To check whether the opened can of sardines are already bad or spoiled you can simply smell them and then look at the sardine’s appearance. Sardine in tomato sauce canned Indonesia product. If you see there is mold appears then you need to toss them away and if you smell an off odor just discard it. When sardines develop bad appearance or flavor then it is the sign that show you cannot use the canned fish anymore.
That’s some information regarding how to store properly your sardine in tomato sauce canned or sardine in oils. In addition, if you find the sardine cans are leaking, bulging, severely dented, and rusting then you better discard all the fish. Those tips above need to be done properly if you want to maintain the sardines in best condition and when you want the leftover fish stay safe to be eaten afterward. Do not forget to follow the rules when store the canned sardine as well as any other canned products that you buy.

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