The Canned Sardine Brands Recommendations

Canned sardine brands are available with various qualities and types. They are canned sardine in oils, water, brine (salt water), organic sauces and herbs, etc. With all those brands can be purchased in grocery markets, maybe you found it hard to pick the best one. But, here are the things that you may want to follow when you need to buy sardines canned:
-          Sardines fish caught from Spain or Portugal are the best once since they offer tuna-like flavor. You cannot even tell the different with your eyes closed.
-          Springwater canned sardine is the healthiest choice while olive oil is the best medium sardine product.
-          Read the ingredients list before you purchase the sardine tin fish and there is no reason for anything but oil or water or salt.
-          Avoid sardine soaked in tomato based sauce or mustard sauce although their flavor is stronger.
-          Read the nutrition value before buying since the brands not created with equal amount of nutrition.

When you purchase canned fish product, you can choose from these canned sardine brands, this is just several recommended brands that maybe you are going to love:
·         Matiz Gallego sardines served in olive oil
·         BUMBLE BEE brand Sardines in Water
·         Gonsalves Sardines fish in olive oil
·         BELA-Olhão lightly smoked sardines fish with cayenne pepper-flavored plus extra virgin olive oil
·         Da Morgada Sardines soaked in Pure Olive Oil
·         Idamar Portuguese Sardines with olive oil
·         Crown Prince One Layer Sardines with soy bean oil but no salt
The most important point when buying canned sardine brands is the sustainability. Of course this is essential if you really care about eco-friendly fishing method. Pole and line or purse-seine fishing method are considered to be sustainable method to catch the fish and this is why you may want to buy only a brand that manage such fishing method without harm other wild animals in the ocean such as shark, turtles, dolphin, etc.
There are still so many brands that you can found at grocery stores while they are being offered with cheap prices and you just need to spend about $2 to $4 so you can buy plenty if canned sardine brands product to supply your pantries. Of course you can enjoy tasting all the brands and experience the taste one by one on your own. Some brands offered very delicious taste with delicate texture and when you eat them, the flesh fell apart easily. Some brands offer too fishy smell, while other don’t, but this is just a matter of personal choice.

Other canned sardine brands list
Below are other canned sardine brands list but there are no standard to mention these brands, just for your information that these brands are available at grocery stores and can be purchase directly at your area or by online. You can also import the canned products if the one you like does not available in your countries such as:
1.      Mega Sardines in tomato sauce with chili
2.      King Oscar Sardines in tomato
3.      Brunswick Sardines in tomato & basil Sauce
4.      Yankee Clipper lightly smoked sardines in tomato sauce
5.      Palacio Real Small Sardines in Olive oil and this product is slightly smoked
6.      Beach Cliff Sardines in soybean oil
7.      Brunswick Sardines in Mustard and Dill Sauce, and many more
Please pay attention to the size of the sardine fishes, some of brands offer smaller size compared with others. Well, even sometime when you open two cans of sardines with the same brand, they will have different sizes. In addition, you also need to consider reliable big brand that people already know so you are sure about the taste and texture.
How if you want to buy canned sardine brands online? It is difficult when you want to buy canned sardine fish product via online shopping especially if you never heard about the brand. As some solution, you need to visit its official site first and done some research to find out that the manufactures offer high quality of sardine product. You can also contact the company directly to ask them about their tin fish product and whether they can send some sample so you can taste it and be sure they are best canned sardine brands quality product.

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