Various Canned Tuna Size Products

Canned tuna size that available at grocery stores is vary with different brands as well. Canned tuna is a cost friendly sea food product that comes in handy when you need an excellence source of protein and omega 3. They have delightful taste with oily texture and you can mix them into your favorite tuna recipes. Since fresh tuna only available seasonal, you cannot always get your hand on the fresh product. Alternatively, you can purchase frozen tuna but this option is hard to be prepared as well since you need to clean and remove the guts. So, the best solution for having good and healthy meals with simple preparation is tuna canned product.

Canned tuna is one of the most popular sea foods after shrimps since they are rich in protein and especially omega 3 fatty acids that human body need. Human body cannot produce omega 3 and thus they need to find a good resource of omega 3 intake which is tuna fish, for example. Tuna fish have higher omega 3 content and when the packed into cans, it is easy to finally get omega 3 intake than eating supplement. Various brands of canned tuna have been produced by many manufacturers. Some of the products are exported and some are imported. They are vary in types of tuna fish too being Albacore tuna or white tuna and light tuna such as skipjack, yellowfin, and bigeye tuna the most popular one in markets.
Various size of canned tuna size at stores
On the store’s shelves, they offer various canned tuna size product from 2.5 oz as the smallest offer and might be enough for one time serving to 51 oz for larger servings. Of course different brands have different stock of sizes as well, but 5 oz to 6 oz being the most convenience especially if you want to make tuna sandwich or tuna salad recipes.
Anyway, canned tuna size available with very affordable prices because you can grab a tuna canned product and only spend about $2 to $3. In contrast, fresh tuna usually have higher prices and not available anytime so tuna tin fish is the cheapest one with similar nutrition contents just like fresh tuna.
Tuna that going through canning processing have softer texture and sometimes the companies will add seasonings or herbs to strengthen the flavor. You can choose many different qualities of canned tuna size factory products such as:
-          White tuna or light tuna:
White tuna refers to the Albacore tuna species while light tuna refers to several types of tuna fish such as skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye, and other types as well. White tuna often being labeled as white chunk of tuna and light tuna as light chunk of tuna, and these two types of canned products have different flavors plus the amount of nutrition. Indeed that Albacore have higher number of omega 3 and protein than light tuna, but they also bring more mercury content. That’s why people often preferred to buy light canned tuna size due to health concern of methyl mercury.
-          Tuna in oils and tuna in water:
Canned tuna size in oils has different preservation like tuna in sunflower oil, tuna in vegetable oil, and tuna in olive oil. Canned tuna in water being packaged with spring water or brine (salt water). Tuna in water is healthier compared than both tuna in oils and tuna in brine due to the lower calories and sodium level. Tuna in oils indeed have tastier flavor and texture but they will leach away the natural omega 3 in the tuna fish when you drained the canned liquid, while tuna in brine brings higher sodium intake. So choose wisely by pick the one that mentioned “lower in sodium” or “very low in sodium” to prevent over consume of salt.
-          Tuna in herbs:
Sometimes the manufacturer mix the tuna fish with additional herbs and seasonings such as chili, pepper, jalapeno, tomato based sauce, mustard, and many more. Of course for you who like stronger taste of tuna can choice this variant especially tuna in tomato sauce which is good to make tomato soup or stew.
You need to pick canned tuna size various brands carefully, compare the nutritional facts to get the best amount of nutrition.

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