Ways to Eat Canned Sardine Price 155g

Canned sardine price 155g can be purchased less than $2 which means this is not only an excellence source for nutrition but also an affordable sea food product. Maybe you already a seafood lover who like to make or taste different recipes using canned sardines. In fact they are hundred recipes of canned sardine which you are going to like and some of them are easy to be prepared. If you want a healthy meal then eating sardine is never go wrong. Sardines are rich in protein plus omega 3 fatty acids, meanwhile they are lower in fats and calories so they are good for your diet.

Some ways to eat canned sardine price 155g
Sardines are one of the fish that you can and should eating regularly because it is recommended that people at least eating fish which is high in omega 3 fatty acids 2-3 serving each week with moderation amount. You can eat affordable canned sardine price 155g by eating it alone or you can try these recipe ideas below such as:
1.      Radish salad plus avocado mixed with canned sardines and watercress
Those ingredients really worked together pretty nice and it with the fleshy texture of canned sardines, the taste improved. The preparation is simple and this dish is rich in flavor as well, you can try to make one.
2.      Sardine salad with feta and chickpeas
Sardine is always good with salad and since most of canned sardines are already packaged without their head and internal organs then the preparation is somehow easier. Beside canned sardines, you can also use sardine fillets or fresh sardine.
3.      Sardine spread boneless
To make such recipe, you better pick canned sardine price 155g serving preserved in oil because they have more flavor, but you need to drain the liquid off and visible bones need to be removed. You can also buy a canned sardine product boneless and skinless. This recipe using simple ingredients which are olive oil, red onion, fresh parsley, salt, cilantro leaves, lemon juice, and with toasted baguette slices.
4.      Beet and sardine salad
Another sardine salad recipe prepared with sour cream which make the dish more delicious. To make the salad you need horseradish (not drained), chopped fresh dill, beets, and cheap canned sardine price 155g product preserved in oil.
5.      Beer batter fried sardine and lime
This recipe is very easy and can be prepared in about 45 minutes. It has very pleasing golden color and with small bite, the juice can squirt out. The required ingredients are simple since you only need salt, all-purpose flour, beer, lime, vegetable oil, and canned sardine fish product.
You can try those 5 nice recipes at home with simple ingredients which is canned sardine. You do not need to prepare canned sardine as hard as fresh sardines since you need to remove the bones and the guts. With canned sardine you not only get tasty meals but also nutrition intake.
How to buy canned sardine price 155g?
Canned sardine is very affordable and they are come with handy package. Canned sardine with 155g serving can be purchase with low price and if you want more sardines, you just need to spend more yet small money. Here are the guides when you want to pick canned sardine fish according to your preference such as:
-          Sardine in oil:
When you want to buy a sardine in oil then choosing the one in olive oil is better than sunflower or soybean oil. Olive oil will guarantee rich flavor and healthier sardines than the rest of oil options.
-          Sardine in water:
If you have a choice between sardines in oil versus sardine in water, the canned sardines in water will be healthier in nutrition value because it does not leach away the natural omega 3 in sardine fish. The taste might be a bit plain compared with sardines in oil; however the original taste of sardines will not change at all unlike sardines in oil. The sardines are firmer and drier than sardines in oil though.
-          Flavored options:
There are canned sardine price 155g with extra seasonings to add more flavors such as sardine in hot sauce, sardine tomato sauce, mustard sauce, pepper, jalapeno, and many more. This is a good option for people who want to eat canned sardine straight away out of the cans without need to make other recipes.
You can experiment with canned sardine price 155g anytime for cheap and delicious meals.

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