Canned Sardine in Canned Seafood Information

Canned sardine in canned seafood is the best option when you need a quick grab of food protein source. You will be hooked as soon as you try to eat sardine for the first time and we believe you want more of this delicious and delightful small fish. It also gives you instant energy boosting thanks to its protein, carbohydrate, and fats contained in the fish. 
6 health benefits eating canned sardine in canned seafood
1.      Helps to maintain glowing and healthy skin
2.      The calcium help strengthening bones
3.      Reduces risk of age-related macular degeneration especially for old people
4.      Improve immune system
5.      Help prevent heart disease and blood clots
6.      Help to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers
In fact, there are lots of health benefits which you can gain by eating canned sardine fish alone. Those advantages above are just some of them.
Today, we would love to give you several information regarding canned sardine fish products which you usually found at grocery stores or markets, including:
·         Nutrition facts/ profiles of canned sardine fish
·         Health benefits of sardine fish
·         Answer your question about whether it is okay to eat sardine with bones or not
·         Warn you which type of canned sardine product that need to be avoided for health reason
·         Sardine recipes
·         Some caution about eating sardine
With all those information that we share to you, hope it will help you to properly considered eating canned sardine in canned seafood product in the best way you can manage.
Nutrition facts/ profiles of canned sardine fish
In 56 grams or 2 ounces serving size of sardine, you will get:
·         11 grams of protein
·         25 milligrams cholesterol
·         220 milligrams of sodium
·         60 calories (15 calories from fat)
·         Calcium
·         Iron
·         DHA and EPA Omega 3 oils
·         Vitamins: D, B12, selenium, etc.
·         Antioxidant/ CoQ10
Sardines are fish rich in protein which great to build muscle, omega 3 oils which are good for brain function, calcium that good for bones, antioxidant that help to prevent cellular damage, and many more.
It is okay to eat sardine’s bones?
First you need to be able to tell whether the canned sardine fish in canned seafood factory product contains bones or not. You just need to pay attention on the package and find label or words that mentioned about “boneless or skinless” which mean the pack did not contain any bones. Meanwhile, if the canned sardine does not mention anything about being skinless or boneless then it is highly possible that the pack contains bones.
While not everyone like to consume sardine with bones, but it is okay for you to eat canned sardine with bones, beside the bones contains natural calcium which is good. Sardine bones are edible and safe to eat. But, make sure that when you consume the canned fish, chew carefully.
Which type of canned sardines that needs to be avoided?
It is best to avoid canned sardines that contain fish raised from farms because it is possible that they are raised in unnatural conditions, tend to be dirty since they are like to swim in enclosed environment (bacteria-infested risk), and they do not get proper diets unlike sardines that are wild caught in the ocean and safe to be eaten.
Simple canned sardine in canned seafood recipes
There is some simple sardine recipe which you maybe like to try and that is sardine plus vegetable salad. It is a Greek recipe which easy to be prepared because you only need to sauté the sardines in olive oil for several minutes. Prepare and cut ingredients such as cucumber, feta, tomato, and feta then add them all to the sautéed sardines. As the finishing touch, you can sprinkle parsley, add vinegar, lemon, pepper, and salt on the meal. Enjoy!
Some caution about eating sardines
Sardines contain methyl mercury which not good for body, however the level is lower than any other types of fish so you just need to limit the consumption of canned sardine in canned seafood Indonesia products especially for certain group like pregnant or nursing women, young children, baby, and infant. Sardines also may cause allergic reaction for some people and that’s why when you suddenly suffer from certain symptoms after eating sardine then it is better to stop consuming canned sardine in canned seafood.

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