Canned Sardine in Tomato Sauce 125g Servings

Canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g is a perfect serving for one or two persons and you can serve the sardine in many ways according to your please. Sardine tin fish is a simple product that you can get easily since it is available in most of grocery stores. If you never eating sardine or personally does like oily fish due to their texture and taste, then it is the time you should try to eat sardines because with proper preparation can cooking, they are great to be consumed and have delicious taste. It is just the right time you need to figure out how tasteful sardine can fish is.

Canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g with onion on rice!
The best thing about canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g is you can make it into many recipes. If you like to eat sardine with rice, then this is the best combination because you can mix the sardine in tomato sauce with chopped onion and serve them on top of hot white rice. Those sardines in tomato sauce surely will be taste very delicious and you will never regret it. If you do not like the sardines with tomato based sauce original from the can then you can buy tomato in olive oil instead and make homemade tomato sauce mixed with dried garlic, scallions, and cherry tomatoes. Here’s the way how you can prepare it:
·         Canned sardines in olive oil
·         Tomato paste
·         Water
·         Cherry tomatoes
·         Scallions
·         Dried Garlic
Instructions to make canned sardine in tomato sauce:
1.      First you need to cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters and cut scallions
2.      After that mix the sardine fish with garlic powder, scallions, tomatoes, and put them in a bowl
3.      Mix the tomato paste with waters and then put it into the bowl. Last, mix everything together perfectly and the dish is done to be served. Enjoy.
Above canned sardine recipes is used only if you want to make your own sardine in tomato sauce. However, if you out of time then you can simply purchase canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g best products. It is recommended that you eat 2 or 3 servings per week to get protein and omega 3 intake as well as other nutrition and minerals comes from the sardine fish. Considerate the amount of the mercury in sardine, you also need to limit the consumption of the fish. This is due to the mercury level found in most of the fish especially wildly caught fishes in the ocean. Fortunately, since most of sardines are smaller in size compared to other larger and predatory fish such as shark and tuna, they have smaller mercury content level too. Besides, sardines do not have that longer lifespan so they will not accumulate mercury so much.
You do not like canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g serving with chopped onion? Then you can try to mix the sardines in tomato sauce with beans anytime, this is a nice meal to have and they are both beautifully matches with rice. Here’s the recipe which you can cook easily at home:
-          1 large brown onion
-          Black pepper to add some taste but this is optional
-          1 canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g high quality
-          Already prepared baked beans
How to make sardine in tomato sauce with baked beans:
1.      Cut the onion into slices and then sauté it with a little oil on large frying pan.
2.      When the onions are cooked, add the canned sardine in tomato sauce and you need to include the sauce or the liquid.
3.      Stir the sardine on the frying pan and all the ingredients together exclude the baked beans since you are going to add it later.
4.      Add the black pepper for optional extra seasoning. When you stir the sardines, make sure the meats are not break.
5.      When the sardines including the sauces are heated, remove the pan from the heat and then serve it with vegetables as well as the baked beans and rice or other accompaniments.
For simplest recipe, you can heated the canned sardine in tomato sauce 125g and you can eat the sardine with chopped onion, but really the sweet taste from fried onion will make the dish better!

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